Fantastic Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a wonderfully rewarding activity which opens up a world of fun and achievement for children of all ages by combining the development of physical, social and emotional skills. It is considered by many to be the foundation for other sports because it helps children develop coordination, strength, balance, patience and confidence.

Gymnastics, Silvermere style encourages an active, healthy lifestyle in an accessible and inclusive way. Interest in the sport has never been stronger and hundreds of thousands of young people enjoy gymnastics up and down the country. At Silvermere we proudly offer our own tailored programmes for young gymnasts; all delivered with professionalism, enthusiasm and care; and all approved by British Gymnastics.

Pre-school gymnastics

At Silvermere we have developed programmes to help younger children from two to four years acquire essential physical, social and emotional life skills through the pure fun of gymnastics. All of our coaches are British Gymnastics qualified and we place a particular emphasis on making sure that each child’s activities are tailored to their own ability.

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British Gymnastics youth programmes

The British Gymnastics award scheme provides an approved framework for teaching core gymnastic skills in an organised yet fun way. By following a structured programme, we aim to guide our gymnasts through the levels of achievement and, should they feel drawn, onwards and upwards in their gymnastics journey.

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