Silvermere online booking

All of our classes and courses can be booked online from the drop-down menu. Simply pick your age range, and then go ahead and choose dates which suit you.

You will be required to go through our simple online registration procedure if you haven’t done so previously (or log in with us if you are already a Silvermere customer).

Pre-School Gymnastics

At Silvermere we have developed programmes to help younger children from two to four years acquire essential physical, social and emotional life skills through the pure fun of gymnastics. All of our coaches are British Gymnastics qualified and we place a particular emphasis on making sure that each child’s activities are tailored to their own ability.

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Recreational Gymnastics

The British Gymnastics award scheme provides an approved framework for teaching core gymnastic skills in an organised yet fun way. By following a structured programme, we aim to guide our gymnasts through the levels of achievement and, should they feel drawn, onwards and upwards in their gymnastics journey.

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Advanced Gymnastics

We have Invite only classes available for gymnasts who are working above and beyond the level for their age group. Although still recreational classes, these classes focus on more of a skill specific pathway. We have Development and Advanced classes available. If your gymnast is currently attending a development or advanced class with another Gym Club please get in touch to arrange a trial!

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