Silvermere Gymnastics Academy Cancellation Policy

Terms & Conditions

1.Terminating your membership

1.1 Membership at Silvermere Gymnastics Academy runs on a rolling basis until you notify us that you would like to cancel.

1.2 You may terminate your membership at any time by providing ‘two months’ notice. Two (2) further (future) monthly payments for training fees will be due from the date that you provide notice to terminate membership. During the notice period the class place will remain open for the member to attend and once this period has been served membership will be terminated.

1.3 Notice to terminate membership must be provided in writing. This can be done in the form of an email to: admin@silvermere-gymnastics.co.uk or by post to our venue: Unit 2, Bramley Hedge Farm, Redhill Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1EQ. This is to ensure the information is properly documented and input on the central system at the correct date.

1.4 You will receive written confirmation via email of your membership termination. This will notify you the date of your final payment and the final class date for the member. Please retain a copy of this for your records.

1.5 It is your responsibility to make sure that we are correctly notified about your request to terminate your membership at Silvermere Gymnastics Academy.

1.6 You may terminate your membership without serving the ‘notice period’ if you are diagnosed with a serious medical illness or suffer an injury which prevents you from participating in gymnastics. In these cases, termination without a notice period will only be granted if a doctor’s letter with a valid practice stamp is emailed to: admin@silvermere-gymnastics.co.uk stating that the member must not participate in gymnastics.

1.7 The member is not entitled to enter the club once their membership has been terminated.

1.8 Non-attendance in classes will not result in termination of your membership nor does it act as notice of termination. As stated in condition 3.3 you must provide us with two months’ notice in writing if you wish to terminate your membership. Until such time that we receive your two month notice in writing you will remain liable for any unpaid monthly session payments.

1.9 You are not required to serve a notice period if you choose to terminate your membership during the first 30 days. The 30 days are calculated from your official start date (see condition 1.3). You are however still required to provide Silvermere Gymnastics Academy with written notification that you wish to terminate your membership. Providing your written notification is received by Silvermere Gymnastics Academy within the first 30 days you will not have to serve a two month

2. Termination of membership by Silvermere Gymnastics Academy

2.1 The following circumstances may result in Silvermere Gymnastics Academy cancelling your membership either on a temporary or permanent basis.

2.1a A breach of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

2.1b A breach of the Silvermere Gymnastics Academy codes of conduct by a club member or their parent/guardian (see ‘Gymnast Code of Conduct’ and ‘Parents/Guardians Code of Conduct’ on the club website at www.silvermere-gymnastics.co.uk or the club Facebook page)

2.1c The use of rude or abusive language, or threatening and violent behaviour towards another club member or member of staff either in person, over the phone or via email.

2.1d Causing a disturbance which effects other members and prevents them from enjoying their experience at Silvermere Gymnastics Academy.

2.2 If Silvermere Gymnastics Academy choose to end your membership as a result of the reasons stated in notes 4.1a to 4.1d, you will forfeit any payments that you have made to date and you will not be eligible for any refund. Your membership will be terminated with immediate effect.

2.3 If Silvermere Gymnastics Academy terminate your membership you will not be allowed to attend any classes after the termination date. You or the member will not be able to apply for membership at any venues registered under Silvermere Gymnastics Academy in the future nor will you be allowed to enter any of the venues.

2.4 If Silvermere Gymnastics Academy decide to change the location of a venue or permanently close the club, we will, where possible, give you 1 months’ notice of the change or closure in writing (either in letter form or by email).